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Term one, 2020: Fundamentals of drawing and painting.

kids art classes kids art exhibition kids drawing kids painting still life term one Mar 24, 2020

This year our student's learned how to draw and paint a still life of "Sea Shells" and their favourite fruit or vegetable. Our last week of term one art classes were cut short because of COVID-19 lockdown, but we did manage to resume face to face classes when lockdown restrictions lifted at the end of term two.

Our students experience a series of drawing exercises and techniques of how to measure proportions and angles, and they then focus on tone variations, shadow and light to then create the form of the seashells in graphite, our students then learned how to paint the Seashells in watercolour starts with light ashes to dark denser textural and shadow details. The challenge is to keep the beautiful nature of the watercolour effect whilst painting the Seashells.

Our students were demonstrated how to develop new ways of how to create an exciting close-up composition of their favourite fruit or vegetables. They were offered step by step demonstrations and go through the process of how to build up the painting and I also teach colour theory and colour mixing to create tonal variations and to develop the form and texture of the fruit or vegetables they are painting.
The children loved the final artworks they produced this term.

To celebrate their achievements there, paintings will be on exhibition at North Sydney councils, "InTransit" gallery from the 1st - 26th of October 2020.
Creatively yours
Julia Sawicki.

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