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Term Three Sculpture Classes 2023.

art box workshops kids art classes kids design kids sculpture term three Sep 22, 2023

Another inspiring term of sculpture classes has drawn to a close, and it's time to celebrate the artistic journey that our students embarked on. In Term Three, 2023, we allowed our students to choose the animals they wanted to sculpt, resulting in a menagerie of creative masterpieces.

Young Artists: Monday and Tuesday Classes

Our youngest artists, aged six to eight, attending Monday and Tuesday classes, had a delightful task at the start of the term. They were presented with many animal images and had the exciting privilege of choosing their favourite creatures to bring to life in paper clay sculptures.

  • Monday's Choice: The Monday class voted overwhelmingly to sculpt adorable quokkas, complete with their precious babies tucked safely in pouches. The challenge of capturing these cute marsupials was met with enthusiasm.
  • Tuesday's Selection: Our Tuesday class decided to embark on the journey of sculpting their beloved cats and dogs. The students had a wonderful time creating lifelike representations of their furry companions.

The students followed a step-by-step process, from sketching the animal's design to modelling it in paper clay and adding the finishing touches with vibrant paint.

Older Artists: Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday Classes

The creative journey differed for our older students, aged nine to twelve (Wednesday and Thursday classes) and our talented teens (Saturday morning class). They were free to choose any animal they desired and were responsible for the sculpture and painting process.

While Julia often had a prototype to demonstrate various techniques and processes, these budding artists had the opportunity to express their unique visions fully.

Celebrating the Achievements

Term Three, 2023, has brought forth a remarkable collection of sculptures, each a testament to the creativity and dedication of our students. I couldn't be prouder of their achievements.

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