About Art Box Workshops

We have been providing workshops for children since 2011, offering school holiday workshops and term-time after-school art classes from our Neutral Bay studio. Now, more recently, we offer online art classes and courses. 

Supporting our local Mums, Dads and careers, we run Art Box Workshops along similar hours to a school day. Our classes are small, maximum of ten children, enabling an incredible art experience for students with lots of engagement and support.

We are continually designing well structured full-day workshops and after-school classes, covering every aspect of traditional and contemporary art. The Art Box Workshop curriculum is up-to-date and aligns with the school syllabuses provided by the board of studies NSW. 

Art Box Workshops organize annual public art exhibitions for the students to showcase their work.

Mother and daughter team

We believe that children should not be limited in their art instruction to drawing and painting instead, they should be given the opportunity to fully explore their artistic potential by experiencing a variety of mediums, enhancing maximum learning in a supportive, non competitive, creatively inspiring environment.

We are always thrilled with how creative young children are and how confidently they apply themselves to their art. 

Our Neutral Bay Studio

Art Box Workshops is conveniently located 10-minutes walk from the main bus stop on Military Road and a short walk from Neutral Bay Primary School.

We have a private and safe indoor and outdoor area facilitating a maximum of 10 children at a time during full day school holiday workshops and after school classes.

Our light-filled studio is well set up to provide the full art experience. Our working art studio has...

  • a wall with floor to ceiling library of art books 
  • a wall with shelves containing every possible art material for painting, sculpture, printmaking and collage
  • a wall full of inspirational art 
  • a wall of windows that looks out into our private garden.

The garden area has a lawn and undercover seating for the meal breaks. During the winter months, or very wet days, we have a large family/dinning room to use for meal breaks.

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Julia Lesiuk-Sawicki

Graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 1999. and has a broad range of art experience in mediums, including sculpture and painting. Julia had her first taste of teaching workshops to children while she exhibited at Sydney’s "Sculptures By The Sea", and the spark that ignited Art Box Workshops.

Basia Zielinska

Basia has taught in primary schools, private art studios and also works as an art therapist. "Artist in residence" at the Primrose Artist Studios, Cremorne, 2018-2019, painting is her "Grand Passion", that she loves to share with Art Box Workshop students.