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Term four portraiture classes 2023.

kids art classes kids painting kids portrait classes Dec 13, 2023

Term Four Portraiture Recap at Art Box Workshops

At Art Box Workshops, the culmination of Term Four's portraiture classes has been an awe-inspiring journey. From primary-aged youngsters to teenagers, our students delved into drawing and painting, bringing to life stunning portraits that showcased their talent and dedication.

 Our younger students created vibrant depictions of nature's wonders! From the laughing neighbourhood Kookaburras to the charm of penguins and the breathtaking beauty of more exotic bird species such as the peacock and the elegance of flamingos, when paired in a portrait shaped like a pink feathery love heart, their artworks dazzled with colour and imagination.

Meanwhile, our older students, from nine years old and teenage artists, embarked on a quest to capture the essence of identity and wildlife. Some chose the challenging path of self-portraiture. Others opted to portray the strength and grace of animals, embracing subjects like lions, tigers, snakes, turtles, whales, foxes, monkeys, sloths, and beloved pets like dogs, cats, and guinea pigs. As the term drew to a close, a sprinkle of Christmas-themed classes added festive cheer to the gallery of creativity.

We wish you a joyous, art-filled Christmas and a creative New Year.

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