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Summer Holiday Workshops 2021

art box workshops kids art classes kids painting school holiday workshop summer holiday Feb 10, 2021

This Summer Art Box Workshops studio was buzzing with children busily learning how to paint and sculpt. The artworks that were created look amazing. Basia and I would like to thank all the parents for booking in their children, they were an absolute joy to teach and we were thrilled with the amazing artworks that were created, we are grateful for our local community of parents ongoing support especially during uncertain times.
I have created a short video of some of the highlights from the two weeks of summer school holiday workshops.

This year Art Box Workshops hosted both summer school holiday workshops at our studio and we also created an online summer art course. Covid -19 has inspired us to now create both formats of teaching.  (click here to read more on what we provided for our online art classes).

Thank you for the parents understanding and cooperation. Following the Covid Safe regulations during our face to face school holiday workshops, you have helped to keep our studio open and everyone attending safe.

Our first workshop for 2021 at our studio was for our youngest students who learned how to draw and paint the popular tropical "Clown Fish". The following day our older students aged 9 - 12 years old, learned how to paint on canvas the still life of "Frangipanis" a beautiful summery flower seen often in bloom around our local neighbourhood.

Fellow art teacher Basia Zielinska (Basia, also teaches adult art classes during term time click here to find out more) facilitated a lovely "Seashell" assemblage workshop for our younger students, they created a unique artwork that they took home at the end of the day framed.

The following day our older students explored "The Great Barrier Reef". This workshop offered various drawing and painting skills to develop the layers for the painting final results.

And to finish off the first week of the school holiday workshops, Basia was inspired to facilitate a "Starry Night" workshop inspired by Van Gogh Alive. An immersive exhibition of his artworks had been on display in Sydney recently with many of our students attending this fantastic exhibition.

We started the second week of workshops with a cute "Sea Lion" watercolour painting for our younger students in the second week of the summer school holiday workshops. The next day our older primary school students painted an Australian landscape, including a rainbow.

Each Summer Holiday workshop we offer a workshop specifically created for Kindergarten aged students, Basia facilitated her popular "Kandinsky" inspired art class with stunning artworks on canvas for the students to take home at the end of the day.

And last of all our most favourite modality for children, drawing and sculpture, they always love the tactile experience of working with clay.
Our older students sculpted Octopuses, inspired by the 2020 documentary "My Octopus teacher". This was a complicated process arranging eight tentacles around the body in clay.

Our younger students were inspired by photos of Native Australine mice each of our  6 - 8-year-old students made such an incredible effort first learning how to draw their little mice then they had the freedom as artists to colour in their mice whatever colour choice that they wanted, some students stuck to the Native species natural fur colour. Other students went all out expressing vibrant colour choices for their little mouse.
After the sculpture lesson, I created each painting palate individually so that each student could paint their mouse sculptures following their original design.

Due to the uncertainty of Covid - 19 Lockdowns in Sydney Art Box Workshops will continue to provide both face to face and online classes for our students.

- Julia Sawicki
Co-Founder of Art Box Workshops.




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