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Collaborative Artwork - Bellinger River Snapping Turtle.

animal conservation kids art competiton kids collaborative art kids design kids drawing kids painting kids printmaking native australian animals native australian flowers Aug 05, 2019

Turtles Need Bellinger River To Be Kept Clean

Our students fell in love with the Bellinger River snapping turtle and were sad with the thought that they could become extinct because of the Logging that is commencing on the headwaters and tributaries of three important N.S.W rivers; Kalang, Bellinger and Nambucca.
Our young students created a mixed media artwork of the Bellinger River snapping turtles swimming happily their unspoiled natural environment to bring awareness to the public that this natural habitat will soon be destroyed without our help.
We must act now!  Sign the petitions at to stop forestry corporations logging native forests which provide a buffer zone to old-growth trees and rain forested areas at the headwaters of Kalanger River and its Tributaries.
Artwork created at Art Box Workshops afternoon art classes by 6- 8-year-old students
Lillian, Azina, Isabelle, Toby, Carolin, Aiden, Anoushka, Georgia.

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