Online Membership Special
12 months of Art Classes.

Art Box Workshops' new Online Membership is celebrating its second year – offering a full 12-month curriculum of online art classes + New school holiday and term time classes to be released for 2023.
Since 2011, we've enjoyed teaching our local community of budding artists, hosting 3,600 school holiday workshops and over 5,200 term-time classes! Providing fun and informative art programmes for children in our holiday and after-school workshops and, more recently, online courses.

Art Box is excited to offer our all-new Online Membership Special, which includes a full years curriculum of our online art classes + a one-month free trial. See below for more details about our 12-month art class curriculum.


Online Membership ONLY $38.00 per month, per household

Art Packs are available to pick up from our studio for only $85 AUD. 

  • Art Box Workshops Online Membership Curriculum 2023. 
  • You will have access to our summer holiday workshops, including Christmas-themed specials.
  • At the start of Term One, 2023. Each month you will receive two pre-recorded art classes. Age-specific for younger students 6 - 8 years old and a more advanced class for older students 9+ years old. Perfect for budding artists of all ages, including parents and carers. 
  • You will receive online term-time art classes AND holiday workshops that can be done at a time that suits your family.
  • Your monthly membership is helping to support and grow our Art Box online creative community. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
  • Members are invited to join our community platform. This will be a space to share photos of your artwork, ask questions and join our monthly live Q&A seasons, each member that would like to join our community forum will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Julia will personally contact each new community member and will ensure it is a safe space for all new members.
  • To join the community platform will cost an extra $10 a month, the first 10 members that join in 2023 will be invited to join for free. 
  • The community forum will open on the first of February 2023, 

The Art Pack has everything you need to set yourself up for our 12-month online curriculum.* See below for what's inside. A limited number of Art Packs are available only for pickup from our studio. 

Join our membership now and receive one month free trial.

The Art Pack

I have selected these art materials based on personally testing each one for quality of pigment, value for money and, most important, not being toxic and child friendly. There are enough art materials to get you started and to use for the Art Box Workshops Online Membership Curriculum 2023. An unboxing video is provided for you with tips on how to set up your home studio.

If you would like to source your art materials, I have provided supplier recommendations. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest Art Box news. 

*The art pack will have everything you need except clay and printmaking supplies.  

What's inside the Art Pack?

  •  “Art Pack” is valued at over $110 and is now only $85 AUD. Price for pick up from our studio. (Postage is $10 extra, flat rate Australia wide)  
  • All Art Pack products are of the highest quality and sourced from two world-leading and ethical art suppliers.

Art Pack

  • 2 x Painting Pads (A4 110gsm x 25 sheets each) Mont Marte.
  • 1 x Watercolour - Pad (A4 180gsm x 15 sheets) Mont Marte. 
  • 10 x Global Fine Art Student Acrylic Impasto Paints – 1 x 75ml Tube of each colour Black, White, Cool Blue, Cool Red, Cool Yellow, Deep Green, Turquoise, Warm Red, Purple and Burnt Umber
  • 4 x Acrylic - Brushes (Flat 10, 16, Round 12, 6) Monte Mart.
  • Watercolour - Paint set (24 x high pigmented colours + 1 brush) Monte Mart.
  • 4 x Watercolour - Brushes ( Mop 12, Detailer, 2, 4, 6) Monte Mart.
  • Oil Pastels - (24 high quality, excellent blending) Monte Mart.
  • Wax Twister - (Colour-intensive wax with food colouring, break-resistant) Staedtler.
  • Colour pencils - (24 vibrant colours) Monte Mart.
  • Colour Wheel - (Great for colour theory) Monte Mart.
  • 2 x 2B graphite - Pencils (Great for general sketching and shading) Monte Mart.
  • Eraser - Pencil (Great for erasing finely detailed areas) Monte Mart.
  • Two-hole steal sharpener - (German blades) Staedtler.
  • Glue Stick - (22g Plant-Based)

Art Box Workshops Online Membership Curriculum 2023

Once registered into the Art Box Membership programme, you will have access to the Summer holiday workshops, including Christmas-themed specials". Online term-time classes will be drip-fed across 12 months, starting February 6th 2023.

Online Summer Workshops

  • Workshop #1: “Little Penguin with a Santa Hat”
  • Workshop #2: "Christmas Angel", 
  • Workshop #3: “Sea Lion painting” + BONUS CLASS
  • Workshops #4: “Dolphins under the sea.”
  • Workshop #5: “Under the sea painting.”
  • Workshops #6: Seashells on the seashore.”
  • Workshops #7: "Weedy Sea Dragon".

New members are invited to join our community forum on the 31st of January 2023.

Live Q&A  Sessions with Julia

All of the art classes and school holiday workshops will be dripped-fed throughout the year for each age group. Time management for each age group will be the same as what I provide for my face-to-face students.

  • 6 - 8-year-olds will be provided with art classes that will take 1.5 hrs to complete each week.
  • 9+-year-old students will have 2 hours of art classes each week.

    You can choose to follow the art lessons and complete each class at your leisure or apply to join the community forum.
  • Julia offers live monthly Q&A sessions.
  • This a great opportunity for members to chat, ask questions and show the artworks they have created.
  • If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, this is the place to share.
  • Julia will ensure procedures are followed to keep the community forum as a space safe for children. 
  • The children's guardian act will be followed by Julia with the rules and regulations put in place on the forum. the page will strictly be for students' artworks to be shown, photos of students will not be allowed and any inappropriate posts or bullying you will be immediately banned 


Term One, 2023
Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

Each subject will have two classes designed for students 6 - 8 yrs. and 9+ yrs. 

  • Introduction and Inspiration.
  • Class #1: “Draw a still life”.
  • Class #2: “Paint in watercolour”.
  • Class #3: “Draw a still life for a watercolour”.
  • Class #4: "Paint a still life in watercolour”.
  • Class # 5: "Abstract objects".
  • Class #6: "Discover colour with a limited pallet".

Easter School Holiday Online Workshops

  • Introduction and Inspiration. 
  • Workshop #1: “Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo painting”
  • Workshop #2: “Kookaburra Painting”
  • Workshop #3: “Bilby drawing and painting” + BONUS CLASS.
  • Workshop #4: Easter special Surprise.
  • Workshop #5: Anzac Day, “Special red poppy painting”.

Term Two, 2023 
Animals and the Environment, Mixed Media and Printmaking

Each subject will have two classes designed for students 6 - 8 yrs. and 9+ yrs. 

  • Introduction and Inspiration. 
  • Class #1: “Draw and paint an Orange-bellied Parrot”.
  • Class #2: “Draw and paint an Orange-bellied Parrot”.
  • Class #3: “Introduction to printmaking, Lino and Monoprints”.
  • Class #4: “Print Creation”.

Winter Holiday Online Workshops

  • Introduction and Inspiration.
  • Workshop #1: “Galah Cockatoo painting.”
  • Workshop #2: “Pygmy Possum, hibernating”
  • Workshop #3: Winter watercolour + Bonus class.

Term Three, 2023 Drawing, Design and Sculpture

Each class will have two types designed specifically for
students 6-8 yrs. and 9+ yrs.

  • Introduction and Inspiration - 
  • Class #1: “Cat or dog design for sculpting”.
  • Class #2: “Fundamentals of working with clay”.
  • Class #3: “Sculpting a cat or dog”.
  • Class #4: “Sculpting the cat or dog sculpture”.
  • Class #5: “Painting the cat or dog sculpture”

Spring Holiday Online Workshops

  • Introduction and Inspiration 
  • Class #1: “Rainbow Lorikeet painting”.
  • Class #2: Surprise Spring Class + BONUS”.
  • Class #3: "Orange-bellied Parrot".

Term Four, 2023 Portraiture

Each class will have two types designed specifically for
students 6-8 yrs. and 9+ yrs.

  • Introduction and Inspiration 
  • Class #1: “Draw a self-portrait.”
  • Class #2: “Grid method portrait drawing”
  • Class #3: “Portrait in colour (1)”
  • Class #4: “Portrait in colour (2)”
  • Class #5: “Portrait in colour (3)”

*Some changes may occur, and any changes will be highlighted to our members. This could include special requests or showcasing a new workshop.