Autumn edition: The Pygmy Possum. 


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Become an Earth Guardian Creative

Bring awareness of the threatened species whilst creating art.
You will need to purchase the materials for our summer series.

Pencil, eraser, acrylic paints, mixed media paper. Paint brushes, scissors and glue. 


Our Autumn edition Pygmy Possum will be available until the 30th of May, 2024. 


New courses are available each season.  

Below is a sample of the winter course.

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About your art teacher 


Hi, My name is Julia, and I am the co-founder of Art Box Workshops.

Graduating from Sydney College of the Arts in 1999, I have provided art programmes for children since 2011 from Art Box Workshops studio, Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia. 

"I believe children should explore their artistic potential and experience multiple mediums, enhancing maximum learning in a supportive, non-competitive inspiring environment. These free classes that I am offering to you, I hope inspire creativity in a child and bring awareness to the beautiful natural environment of Australia."

Art Box Workshops creative services provide a full-year curriculum, dedicating term three both online and face-to-face to animals and the environment, focusing on threatened species of Australia.

Art Box Workshops have been prized finalists for “The threatened species children’s art competition”, Now renamed “Wild at Art” and organised by the Australia Conservation Foundation.  

See prize winning artworks here

Enjoying Earth Guardian Creative But your child wants to learn more specific art techniques!

We are releasing this year a series of eight week online courses for student that are unable to visit our studio for face to face classes each new release will have a sale for one month of the release, please ensure that you sign up to our newsletter for immediate notifications of new releases.  

Portraiture Masterclass


What You'll Get:

  • Written comprehensive instructions.
  • Step-by-step video guidance on mastering portraiture techniques.
  • Suggested material list and helpful tips to set up a studio.
  • One complimentary 20-minute Zoom meeting with Personalized feedback and support to nurture your growth.
  • Lifetime access with just a one-time payment!
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We are calling all educators and nurturing souls!

Our renowned art courses have transformed young talents since 2011 at Art Box Workshops Studio. And guess what? In 2024, we're bringing these courses to you online with live events that'll supercharge your creative sparks.
Let's paint a brighter, bolder future together ‚Äď your artistic evolution starts here!

Start with the foundations.

Ignite your child's artistic journey with our dynamic term one art classes; enrollments are opening soon for online art classes!
Our courses cultivate confidence and skill development by exploring the drawing and painting fundamentals of Native Australian Flowers. Students put their abstract prowess to the test, learning how to mix colours with a limited pallet. 
See the creations from our studio.

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Extend their creative repertoire. 

Art Box Workshops' Term Two printmaking courses promise an enriching journey for anyone interested in learning how to create prints without the fuss of a printing press. This course will be Earth Guardian Creative's next step in artistic exploration. In this course, you will learn how to develop drawings into various styles of prints for younger students. To the intricate details of lino printmaking for students nine years and older. Let's nurture their passion for art and encourage them to extend their creative repertoire, celebrating the beauty of animals and the environment through their artistic vision!

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Equipping You with Essential Tools for
Sculpture Creation

Our sculpture course is top-rated among our students. We offer comprehensive step-by-step guidance, beginning with the art of sketching your favourite cat or dog and covering the entire process from amateur preparation to hand modelling with paper clay, culminating in the painting phase to bring your sculpture to life.

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Portraiture of our Feather Friends for our Youngest Students

Six to eight-year-olds will learn the basics of portraiture while capturing the beauty and charm of our feathered friends. Children will create stunning avian portraits through fun and engaging activities that inspire their creativity and love for nature.

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